3 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Living Together – in German

  1. Eric Petrie

    I can’t understand the German, but Norbert, you can tell me: what are the pros and cons of living together in English? Is it easier to live together in English than in German? You are an expert on this subject.

  2. Eric Petrie

    Alright, now I listened to the video. Very cool. Your sister is somebody to take seriously, Norbie. Here are my reactions, based on 2nd year German capability that is 20 years old:

    I heard a pattern of zusammens and beidens (that is, I can’t follow it without a printed text). The setting is very sparse and modern. Why does the red picture in the background only have figures of women in it? Does Margit primarily counsel women? The walls are shockingly white, almost as if the talk is given in a Matrix-like cyber-space, floating in the grid. And the red bowl, which matches the red painting, has four pieces of fruit in it. Margit’s dress is beige, but the red in the highlights made me remember that her dress was red. The woman in the red dress–Wow!

    1. I am impressed, Professor P.

      Actually, I am not sure about this, but now I will ask her: The painting in the background is probably done by Margit. She is an artist, too. She is an interesting character. Besides her Internet presence, she was sometime ago a German TV personality. He is a published writer of “Das Buch der Träume”, a book on dream interpretation, and now she owns and operates a Beer Garden.

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