Wanted: Global Role Models – by Paul Johnson

I have previously blasted Johnson in this blog for a column in Forbes, but this time I was impressed by his insightful column in Forbes Magazine of July 18, 2011. He talks about countries that can be economic role models for a third world emerging nation. I love the way he describes Europe and the U.S.:

Europe certainly offers nothing. Germany’s economy is recovering but is linked to a common currency, which, thanks to the euro zone’s delinquent members, drains all its energy. Ireland and Portugal are virtually bankrupt. Spain’s unemployment rate among those in the 15-to-25 age range is nearly 50%. Italy is a musical comedy. Greece is a kleptocracy, where the rich pay no tax. And France is a pseudo-democracy, where Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a typical member of the ruling elite.

As for the traditional homes of capitalism, Britain has a sensible Conservative leader and finance minister. But they are dependent on Liberal votes to survive in office, and that means a commitment to dotty experiments, such as a return to windmills. The U.S. has a President who’s spent much of his term enacting a health care program so complicated that no one understands it and who will more than likely enact a form of old-style state socialism if reelected.

For Russia and Asia, read his entire column here.

I am starting to respect and appreciate Johnson. He seems to know his foreign governments and leaders.

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