American Soldiers Buried in Europe

The chart below shows the number of American soldiers buried in European cemeteries.

Location Country Americans Buried
Aisne-Marne  France 2289
Ardennes Belgium 5329
Brittany France 4410
Brookwood England 468
Cambridge England 3812
Epinal France 5525
Flanders Field Belgium 368
Florence Italy 4402
Henri-Chapelle Belgium 7992
Lorraine France 10489
Luxembourg Luxembourg 5076
Meuse-Argonne France 14246
Netherlands Netherlands 8301
Normandy France 9387
Oise-Aisne France 6012
Rhone France 861
Sicily Italy 7861
Somme France 1844
St. Mihiel France 4153
Suresnes France 1541

This makes 104,366, and I am sure I missed some.

How many European soldiers are buried on American soil for defending us against our invaders or enemies?

3 thoughts on “American Soldiers Buried in Europe

  1. Eric Petrie

    Watch out, Norbert. Fox News will find your post, and then present it on the air sometime soon. You might even find yourself a guest on Bill O’Reilly’s shows with comments like this!

    And it is an impressive fact. I am traveling to Florence and will make a point of visiting that grave site with almost as many Americans as died at Antietam during the Civil War.

  2. I know there is also a prisoner of war section of the cemetery at Fort El Reno in Oklahoma. They brought German POWs back to the US. They would not bury them with the Americans so they divided the cemetery and put them in the back part by themselves. It is a rather interesting part of history in Oklahoma

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