Toolboxes and Time

One sunny afternoon in mid-May of 1981, I was in the middle of framing a house in Fountain Hills, Arizona. I found that I had too many loose tools I kept having to throw into the back of the truck. I needed toolboxes.

So I cut up some scrap plywood and lumber and made a set of two sturdy wooden toolboxes. Everything fit in them, and it was easy to throw them into the back of the truck. I didn’t know it at the time, but those toolboxes stayed with me for a long time kept my tools over the years.

I just went through the tools and most of them are rusted out, mostly from the salty air in San Diego. The boxes were with me everywhere I have lived since and had their place in every garage. I think I never fully cleared them out and cleaned them up.

Now, thirty years almost to the day, I realized that I no longer needed those tools, and they were obsolete or defunct anyway. I didn’t need the toolboxes any longer. I used the same tools that built them to take them apart.

The old framing hammer that looks like it came from the middle ages, was shiny and new when I used it to make the boxes. It’s staying with me.

The boxes, however, are gone now after thirty years of loyal service.

3 thoughts on “Toolboxes and Time

  1. Eric Petrie

    Just don’t use those tools on yourself. You’re not that much different from a box. This is the closest you have come to a suicide note, Norbie. Why are you dismantling your past?

    1. Your comment caused me to edit my post. It was not meant to be morbid. Not to worry.

      Wait until I get to the post where I disband 30 years of collected books out of a dozen boxes that are piling up in my garage. Talk about dismantling?

      No, picture me as a through hiker on the Appalachian Trail, shedding the heavy objects I have no use for anymore to lighten the load like Katz in A Walk in the Woods. Have you read “A Walk in the Woods” by Bill Bryson?

      1. Eric Petrie

        Hey, I was joking. I wonder what you removed? I should try to find a google snapshot of the original page. What a weird technological world we live in these days!

        I have not read “A Walk in the Woods,” but I did just pick up “Lone Survivor.” As soon as the one recommendation is done, I’ll turn to the other. As always–thanks!

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