Criticism of Kindle Books

I am often surprised when reading Kindle books about how poor the editing is.  It’s harder to show gaps and page breaks. So sometimes I read one sentence and the next sentence is a completely different scene. In a hardcopy book, there would have been some gap, some marker of the transition, but in the Kindle, this is often not visible, and I am literally shocked in the story to move back and reread the last page to figure out what happened.

Also, punctuation is often messed up in Kindle books. I find additional commas and periods where they should not be, sometimes capitalization is messed up. Come on, Amazon, run a Word grammar checker on your copy at a minimum and most of this stuff would be found – BEFORE you make us all pay $10 for this content.

Since I am not getting the hardcopy book anymore, the least I can expect is that you edit the content properly before you release it.

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