Dolphin Bubbles

If you have followed my blog, particularly the “cetaceans” sections, you know that I believe dolphins are equal to humans in raw intelligence and personality complexity. They are sharp, creative, playful and inventive. Here is a fascinating example:

2 thoughts on “Dolphin Bubbles

  1. Eric Petrie

    Okay, I am an animal lover, and especially of dolphins, who love to gang-tackle (catch the euphemism) their females.

    And there is no doubt that other sub-language, sub-human animals, like dolphins, have more to their psyche (I mean that in the original Greek sense of moving-animating substance) than is usually assumed, especially in our stupid, computer oriented times.

    That said, a mammal playing with bubbles, however perfect and frolicsome, does not compare to humanity at its peak–Chopin playing with subtle chord variations, Monet playing with subtle color variations, Nietzsche playing with subtle word echoes, etc., etc.

    I love my dolphins and would not eat their meat. But the same complexity as homo sapiens at their most complex? More evidence besides bubbles, Mr. Scientist.

    1. If you visit my WordPress blog, Soul Mosaic,, i wrote about dolphin intelligence & SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH in my post Dolphins: An Ethical Problem. They are near human in intelligence

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