The Idiot – by Fyodor Dostoyevski

I made it 27% into the book. Funny, in the age of the Kindle, I can’t tell you the page number, I can’t earmark the page where I stopped, but I can tell you I made it 27% into the book. And now I stopped.

The Idiot is known as one of  Dostoyevski’s most brilliant book and an exposition of Russian society in the 19th century. Dostoyevski crafts his novels carefully and he describes his characters meticulously. If I were 19 years old and had all the time in the world in front of me, I would continue reading the remaining 73%.

But there is so much more to read, and so little time left, that I have to make choices. Dostoyevski does not get any more of my time – for now.

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