Reunions and Facebook

Reunions have changed entirely in the age of Facebook.

You used to go to reunions and wonder who some of the people were. Yes, you recognized your good friends and those that you had kept in touch with. But there were always some of those people who you knew were in your class, you saw their name tags and nobody at your table knew who they were.

Also, you kept wanting to bring out the yearbook and look up who the person you were talking to actually was. And you needed to spend time figuring out what people had done, talk about family history, children, friends, trips and events.

Now, before the reunion starts, you set up a group, everyone can get reconnected, see each other’s pictures and exchange stories. The shock of what we all look like and what we turned into is dealt with in the privacy of our homes at the computer. When the reunion actually takes place, it’s time to focus on the now, not on the catching up on what was in the decades past.

2 thoughts on “Reunions and Facebook

  1. Eric Petrie

    Here’s my question: when there are no more appearance surprises, and you have already caught up with all of those people who you otherwise never see and have little in common with, why go to the reunion? Rekindle old romances? A dangerous pastime.

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