Texting is Not an Option

I plagiarized the headline of this post, but I am giving credit to Gitomer.

Those of you — including me — that resist texting, or are skeptical, this article is enlightening.

Texting is not an option.

One thought on “Texting is Not an Option

  1. Eric Petrie

    The argument about your own kids is bogus–because kids text does not mean that I can’t tell them that I love them unless I text.

    And the argument about the future doesn’t carry much weight. That texting will be much more a part of everyday life in 20 years does not much affect me. I’ll be 72. I’ll only do what I want to do.

    And the article is also not consistent. It claims that the essence of texting is the speed (which of course comes from the cute acronyms and other shorthand non-words) yet pronounces that good manners mean these kids will need to spell out their words. Why? In that case, send an e-mail.

    And I expect that that will be my attitude then as well: send me an e-mail.

    And this gets back to the issue of connectedness. I like digital instantaneous non-connectedness, the point of which is–I never have to instantaneously respond to anything except emergencies. What I don’t like about texting is the instant messenger part of it. Otherwise it is just another method of e-mail. In that case, I would forward text-messages to my e-mail (since they will not be an option), and keep my digital communications simple and in one place.

    That at least how it seems to me today. My 9 year old, who is a wizard with tiny texting like devices, sees me type on a keyboard at high speed in full sentences and says, Daddy, you have to teach me typing.

    That’s my kind of generation next.

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