Hiking Iron Mountain

On the day after Christmas, Trisha and I decided to hike Iron Mountain, outside San Diego. This is a great little hike and I didn’t know it was here, like, I suspect, so many other great little hikes. Who has this kind of terrain and real trails that provide real workouts 20 minutes from their front door? We do. I decided I needed to go out more often. 

The trail starts at the intersection of Poway Road and Highway 67. There were a lot of cars parked by the road, so there is no chance of missing it. First, it gently ascends in a straight path for about 1.45 miles or half the distance. At the kink in the trail in the upper right corner of the map, it starts climbing steadily and steeply at times. It is actually a fairly rough trail. 

Iron Mountain from the Trail Head

This is a great family hike, although I would not take kids smaller than eight years old or so, as they are bound to give you trouble and complain. So will anyone else who is not accustomed to real hiking, so beware if you’re planning on dragging your sister-in-law from Oklahoma up the mountain. Wear hiking shoes. Sneakers will work, but you’re in danger of getting twisted ankles and you will definitely be sore afterwards. Some of the trail is pretty rough. All in all, it took us 50-somethings an hour and 20 minutes to the top, and that includes stops for breathers and just taking in the views. I am sure a jogger can do it in 45 minutes. Make sure you bring a jacket or sweatshirt. The wind blows cold along the ridge and at the top, no matter what it seems like on the trailhead.

Happy Hiker

The view from the top is all worth it. Here is Trisha, the Happy Hiker.




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