What’s With Yellow Pages?

For many years now, every time the phone company leaves its bag of 10 pounds of yellow pages books in front of  my door – I think they do this yearly – I take that bag that contains two or three thick yellow phone books and carry it straight to my recycle garbage bin.

I cannot remember the last time I actually used a yellow pages phone book. It must have been around 1995 perhaps.

Advertisers, stop putting your money there. I do not even see your ads.

Phone companies, stop printing these crazy books. You’re killing massive trees, you are spending money for printing, binding and delivery, and you are getting no value whatsoever. Why don’t you create a hotline that we can call when we want a telephone book. We call, we hit 1 for white pages for our area, 2 for yellow pages for our area, and then you deliver the books we request overnnight to us. Only those of us who actually request books get them. I bet you will eliminate 95% of all telephone books that way.

Yellow pages are not even door stops anymore, they are recycling material, that’s all.

I got a kick out of Gitomer’s blurb on that subject. Go Jeffrey.

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