Book Review: Judas Unchained – by Peter F. Hamilton

This is the sequel to Pandora’s Star, another 1008 page book with small print. After reading Pandora’s Star, I didn’t think I would read the sequel. Too much work and detail, not enough action. Then a business associate told me that it would be better than the first book, so  I went for it.

The first half of the book was slow, and I once again found myself paging over entire sections that just didn’t capture my attention. Hamilton is meticulous about crafting entire thought universes with incredible detail. He is a master at creating political undercurrent and intrigue inside a science fiction story. But there is always too much of it. I want the action, and I don’t want to deal with the political alliances.

Reading a Hamilton book is serious work, if you want to do it right.

I am not sure why the thing is called Judas Unchained. Perhaps I missed that in the pages I skipped over. The Prime aliens (MorningLightMountain) attack again and wipe out billions of humans on dozens of planets. Sheldon invents some superweapons and star warships and the Commonwealth strikes back, eventually neutralizing the Prime as well as the Starflyer. Ozzie finishes his journey with the Silfen and then hijacks a starship for some more mavericky stuff that he is known for.

Entertainment? Yes. Do I have time for another Hamilton book? No. Would I read a sequel to Judas if he wrote one? At this time, probably.

Rating: **

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