News from the John Muir Trail

Hey guys,

We are at Muir Trail Ranch right now.  We got our last food drop and hope to make it to whitney on 9 days worth of food.  I have 15 minutes to use this old computer for, which I paid 10 dollars to use.  We are beat.  This is incredibly difficult for all of us, and we have blisters, sore feet, 200+ misquito bites, and we are tired all the time.  We are doing fine, and we end up to make it out to whitney portal on the 31st.  However, if we do not have enough energy to make it at 13/14 miles for the next 9 days, we will have to hike out to bishop and resuply.  this will add 26+ miles to the total trip and 3 or possibly 4 days.  we are not sure though what will happen.  we are having an awesome time, but we are finding our 16-18 day window too short.  Our packs are super freaking heavy and we mailed a box of crap to Garret’s house in San Diego of stuff we don’t need.  This lightened our packs, but we are still tired and still suffer from heavy packs. 

On the bright side, we are walking through beautiful and endless, valleys, cliffs, gorges, rocks, streams, sunsets, lakes, ponds, animals, mountains, boulders, plants, flowers, and especially endless trail.  everything is awesome here and we are doing well.

Expect to hear from us on the 31st.


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