MobilityPass Concerns

In March 2009, when planning on a trip to Europe, I needed to ensure Internet access. I found MobilityPass on line  as a vendor, signed up on line, spent $150 on the modem, and waited, and waited, and waited.

Nothing happened. Eventually I received a package from Spain with a modem. I tried to make the modem work, to no avail.

So I contact support. This is only possible via email.

They have told me that their broadband carrier is giving them trouble, but they should be up and running again soon.

They have told me that I didn’t put $50 “funds” into my account and that’s why it’s not working.

I asked for an RMA number to return the equipment. They gave me an address in Spain to send the thing to, but unless the packaging was in perfect condition I could not expect a full refund.

Finally, somebody called me back and told me they found the problem, but to fix it they would need to install a new SIM card. He said they would send me a new card, free of charge, and then it would work. They would also put $20 “test money” into my account so I could use it.

Would I give it another chance? Yes, Ok.

After about 2 weeks, another envelope arrived from Spain, and I got a SIM card. I installed the new SIM card, and yes, I was actually able to call into the AT&T network. But it gave me a roaming warning, telling me it was not my home network, and extra charges would apply. Oh well, it’s  their funny-money anyway, so I was not too concerned.

I am now on my first trip, and I decided to try MobiliyPass again. I am in the middle of  Richmond, Virginia. It’s hung up in “looking for network” until I finally give up.

I have had enough. I am going to ask for my money back. It has been almost 3 months of trying to make this work — what a flawed product.

I recommend strongly: Do not do business with MobilityPass. With me they misrepresented themselves every step of the way. And I am tired of envelopes from Spain.

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  1. Karen

    Consider yourself lucky. I went through exactly the same situation, but got it working with the new SIM card. I used it once, and just got a credit card bill – with a charge from them of over $600!! They are crooks.

    1. I got it working with the new SIM card too. Then I once connected from a different city just to make sure it works, and it did. But it was slower than my 5-year-old Verizon card and, yes, there is a charge by the minute. So I am abandoning the service. I think that I might be successful in using the modem with AT&T service. Verizon definitely does NOT support it.

    1. Good post. Thanks.

      I have not seen one positive comment about MobilityPass yet anywhere.

      It must be like a Ponzi scheme, where they get enough out of those initial first month charges from new unsuspecting subscribers that drive things forward sufficiently for them. Nobody in their right mind will sign up for a service like that on an ongoing basis.

  2. Samuel Snodgrass

    A positive comment has turned up! Someone wrote to Trustpilot giving MobilityPass four stars. I’m certain that someone from MobilityPass wrote this review, because I have spoken twice to MobilityPass on the telephone and they used the same words when speaking to me. I reported this to Trustpilot.

  3. Julie Santaniello

    Also had terrible experience with MobilityPass. Modem worked OK, but was slow. I used it for about 15 min. and could not connect to the internet. I wound up paying for the hotel’s connection. A month later I got a bill for approx. $300. When I complained, they told me they would look into it and forwarded me a snippet of what they claimed was TMobile’s (in Czech Republic)verification of my usage. Since I paid originally through PayPal, they couldn’t automatically charge my account, so I have been getting bills and threats of collection. Since I know I didn’t incur these charges, I have refused to pay. It’s not the money, it’s the principle. So, buyer beware of MobilityPass!

  4. Tj

    Mobilitypass this company are awful. recently paid over £100 for them to send me a sim card with £79 of credit on it, straight away £6 was deducted for taxes. Used it for two minutes to make sure it worked, it sort of did, very slow. Took it to America could not use it, so had no internet connection, everytime I tried to connect an error was thrown up from the iPass software telling me to contact them. When I returned I had an email stating unless I supplied them with a passport number and driving licence number my account would be suspended, this apparently to stop fraud, (more like encourage fraud considering what details they wanted)they also wanted my credit card details so they could top up my account. I didn’t want to top up, once balance had been used in the States that was it, no more. I did try and get a refund but they said no, when I pointed out I was unable to use the account the were very unsympathetic. Whilst on my hols they expected me to contact them and advise problem with iPass, how could I – no internet, this bit really takes the p**s they expected me to find their telephone number in Spain from somewhere (they suggested an internet cafe) and telephone them and report the problem and then wait for them to ring me back. I was on a beach enjoying peace and quiet and there were no telephone boxes so I am not sure how they would have contacted me. When I asked for the remaining credit on my account to be refunded they refused and suggested I just used it to run the balance down. Apart from the fact iPass still isn’t working why would I want to waste approx £70. I have now noticed my account has dropped to £63, where has that gone I wonder, I certainly haven’t used it, Oh goodness now I have to SUMBIT yet ANOTHER TICKET – AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE

  5. It’s astonishing how this company can stay in business. Thanks for your post. The more we warn unsuspecting customers, the better. Every dollar you send to MobilityPass is gone forever, and I have yet hear of anybody that actually got any service of any value out of them. Anybody?

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  7. Alex

    MobilityPass = SCAM!!!!

    Worst service ever, product never worked.
    Paide 70$ for sim card and service returned it to an adress in Spain and ofcourse never got my money back

  8. Hi Norbert, thank you for your excellent blog about MobilityPass. TrustPilot had several negative reviews of MobilityPass, but deleted them apparently after harassment from MobilityPass. I was able to get copies of the reviews and re-publish them on my website. Javier

    1. Ahh, I made a new post and link out of this. Priceless….
      What galls me is that I counted myself lucky when I walked away a year and a half ago.
      I can’t believe they are still operating.

  9. Peter (Australia)

    I had similar problems getting the SIM and modem to work, but eventually did. I was quite pleased with the way it worked in various countries, until the bills started coming in. It was very, very, expensive. Every time I topped up, the funds disappeared immediately because of a backlog of charges (they said). I finished up having to cancel a credit card, at great inconvenience, to get these people off my back. Not sure if it’s a scam, but it’s certainly not cost-effective. The fact that no-one else is offering a similar service probably indicates that it can’t be done, economically.

  10. Louise Chain

    I am another sucker who fell for MobilityPass. They are the worst company ever. I purchased a data sim from them. It c=does not connect and they refuse to give me a refund

    1. OMG, this company is STILL doing this? My experiences were years ago. After all these years they still haven’t got it to work. Yes, there is nobody that ever got a refund from them. Your money is gone, I am sad to say.

    2. Teri

      I’ve still got £75 in my account they won’t refund and I cant waste it because I have lost the sim card!!

  11. Peter Kerville

    The other good news (after cancelling my credit card to get them off my back) is that you keep getting e-mails from them for ever, urging you to put your account back in credit. I must have had a thousand of them.

  12. Louise Chain

    MobilityPass and GlobalRoaming are the same company. There is not much comment about GlobalRoaming and that is why they catch more suckers.

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