Beware of MobilityPass

Over a month ago, when planning on a trip to Europe, I needed to ensure Internet access. I found MobilityPass online as a vendor, signed up online, spent $150 on the modem, and waited, and waited, and waited.

Nothing happened. Eventually I received a package from Spain with a modem. I tried to make the modem work, to no avail.

First I get this message:


This looks scary, but I went ahead and clicked OK.


Then I get this error.

So I contact support. This is only possible via email. Probably because the support people are in Spain or Romania or some such place. It takes a day for them to respond.

They have told me that their broadband carrier is giving them trouble, but they should be up and running again soon.

They have told me that I didn’t put $50 “funds” into my account and that’s why it’s not working.

I asked for an RMA number to return the equipment. They gave me an address in Spain to send the thing to, but unless the packaging was in perfect condition I could not expect a full refund.

Have you ever opened electronics and left the packaging in perfect condition?

Good thing I canceled my trip in the first place. It’s weeks after I needed it and I still haven’t got this working. I am now to a point that if the device actually started working I would not trust the company. This has been an awful experience. And I have a state-of-the-art modem that does not connect to any network I am aware of. I have to call AT&T and see what it costs with them.

I recommend strongly: Do not do business with MobilityPass. With me they misrepresented themselves every step of the way.

3 thoughts on “Beware of MobilityPass

  1. Isabel

    Do not use MobilityPass particularly if you travel to Asia.

    Do not use MobilityPass, it is a phony service. It claims to provide dial up and wifi in HongKong Asia, but it does not have connection whatsoever; instead it keeps on charging because you have logged onto to the account.
    By the way, wifi is free all over thousands of hotspots in HongKong.

    The customer service line never has answer in the US only a couple people in the UK answering the phone during weekdays and they are the sales.

    MobilityPass is a phony money rip off service. It takes your money for experimenting trial and errors to improve their service; it uses your complaints as publicity.

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