iPhone Craze

This morning I drove by an AT&T store. There were people lined up out the door and around the building. I found out that the new iPhone went on sale yesterday. Presumably, people have been camping out to get first in line.

That is product marketing — to convince people to camp out in front of a retail store to get in first.

This does not happen for too many products. The few I can think of:

  • Tickets for the Superbowl, the Olympics or other major sports events (a very limited number are available)
  • Tickets for a rock concert (The Who, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and the like – a very limited number are available)
  • The newest Harry Potter book (plenty are available, but the kids want to start reading at midnight of the release)
  • Maybe the X-Box, in its heyday (scarce supply early on, addicitve product)

Now people are camping out to buy a cell phone, a consumer product that anyone can buy any time. They can’t wait a few more weeks when they can just walk into the store to buy it without the hassles. They need it now.

Well done, Steve Jobs.

One thought on “iPhone Craze

  1. Chelsea

    …and it was all done by word of mouth and PR marketing. I don’t think Apple paid much if any money to promote the new phones.

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