I went to the military cemetary on Point Loma, near the Cabrillo National Monument. It is a beautiful spot, high on the ridge. Looking to the east you can see San Diego, the San Diego bay, and the mountains behind it. To the south is Mexico, and to the west is the Pacific ocean, with  the next significant land the Asian and Australian continents, half a world away. [I wish I had brought a camera and taken a few pictures to post here].

Looking at the names and dates on the gravestones, I found many people that were born after me, and have obviously died before me. I wondered what their lives were like.

When walking along endless rows of white gravestones, realizing that every one of the stones represents a whole life, with childhood, youth, adult life, middle age and old age, loved by many, the enormity of life rose before me. I realized what a treasure it is to just be allowed to walk along these rows for a little while longer.

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