Macintosh vs. PC

Something big is going on. The Mac is taking over, and we’re not noticing. 

First, I must state that I run a software company that specializes in Microsoft technologies. We buy PCs for all our staff, we write software for PCs, and we have done so for over 15 years. Our company  is a Microsoft Solution Partner. We’re definitely a Microsoft shop.

We have all seen the hilarious Apple television ads, where they compare Macs and PCs. Interestingly, there aren’t any reverse ads. Who would pay for them? Microsoft? That would be odd. That alone shows how clever the Apple campaign actually is.

And while I am at it, here is a delightful little Apple and Microsoft joke:

But what’s the story?

Young people, high school and college age kids, are flocking to Macs. I challenge you: walk around any airport gate area and count computers. You will likely count more Macs than PCs in airports. Check around coffee shops, cafes and other hotspots. You will make a similar discovery. I am not even talking about going onto college campuses.

When you look at literature, you’ll find that the installed base of Macs vs. PCs is only 8%.

That’s not what it looks like when you do spot checks at Starbucks.

I have two college age kids, and from watching them and their friends, I conclude that the only reason they have PCs is: Dad bought them and provided them for free. Dad bought them because they are cheaper. Dad bought them because he’s of the old generation and thinks PCs rule, without questioning the validity of that assumption. If money were no object, both kids would junk their PCs today and get Macs.

Microsoft didn’t help when it changed the user interface of Office 2007 so drastically as to antagonize any user that just wants to work and make progress. Kids aren’t installing Office 2007 because they can’t figure out how to use it. I am not installing Office 2007 either, because of what I hear from the kids and from my co-workers. Thank you very much.

Something is happening, and the inexorable Mac is coming. Apple made some brilliant moves in the last few years. It is shaping an entire generation.

And let’s face it, it’s their world now. We’re checking out, they are checking in. And they are bringing the Macs.

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  1. i think its partially a situation where many used macs in school…. but then, haven’t been able to afford them until the price drops and their income rises…. which is increasingly happening.

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