$856 in Coins

I don’t like loose change in my pocket. So I always find a wallet with a coin compartment. But the feeling of coins weighing down the wallet also bothers me. So I like to empty the change out of my wallet on a regular basis. I have a coffee can at work and one at home, and that’s where it goes. 

The last time I took my entire coin collection and rolled it up was about 1994. I had saved about $650 over many years, and it was just enough to buy a brand-new television set. I still remember the date because I can see my self unpacking it, kids bouncing around, and putting it into the shelf recessed in the wall of the family room of the house where we then lived. I still have that television set now, and it works fine, although it will get obsolete shortly when they broadcast only digital in 2008. 

Since 1994, I have continued to collect coins, filling about three large coffee cans. After one was full, I would put a lid on it and store it in the garage. When I had filled up three, I figured it was time to roll and count again. It has been 13 years after 1994, and I had collected $856. I just traded them in. I put the hundred dollar bills into a container along with other miscellaneous cash from stuff we sold on Craig’s List. We’ll use it for a dining room table and chair set. 

What will I do with my next stash of coins 13 years hence?


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