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Starswarm is a mediocre story, written solo by Jerry Pournelle. I think his collaborations, particularly with Larry Niven, are much stronger.

It’s supposed to be a science fiction book, but it’s really not. Kip is a fifteen-year-old boy who was raised in a remote scientific outpost by his uncle. He has a voice in his head that he is not allowed to tell anyone about. Nothing, however, is as it seems and as the story evolves, it’s almost Patterson- or Grisham-like in corporate and political intrigue, big business, and corrupt government.

It just happens to play on Paradise, a planet 40 light years away from earth, in a world where humans inhabit many such alien outposts. There are a few alien intelligent species that have a significant impact on the story. The story is well woven, the plot structured meticulously, and I think that’s what kept me reading. As I lost interest, I kept wanting to know what would happen next, even though the science fiction was watered down, and the story was somewhat aimed at juveniles, since the protagonists are three kids and much of the story is from their point of view.

There is nothing wrong with this book, it’s a good read, but there is also nothing new or fascinating here, so I’ll probably forget it soon.

Rating: **

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