Online Life: Facebook, Twitter and the Like

Lately, I’ve been pissing people off by not “liking” seemingly like-worthy stories, like the one about the family who created a bucket list for their unborn baby with anencephaly. Many of my friends thought that story was moving and inspiring and offered their prayers. I thought it was kind of selfish and cruel. And tragic, of course. Difference of opinion. Some people think it’s best to bring a brainless, skull-less baby into the world so he can be baptized and die four hours later. Some people think what’s in the best interest of the baby is to end things before the poor thing grows larger and and is born struggling to survive.

— The Grieving Atheist

The post above reminded me of many times when I didn’t hit the Like button and then hesitated. Fortunately, I don’t think it happens too often that my friends look at their own posts, check the list of Likes against the list of their friends, find me missing in the Like category, and get pissed off at me. If I don’t like something, or don’t comment on it at all, the poster never really knows if I saw it in the first place.

In my own case, I don’t spend much time in Facebook, so I miss most activity anyway.

I have jokingly suggested that there should be a Not Like button that we could use when people post generally unfortunate stuff, somebody got ill with cancer, somebody died, somebody’s girlfriend broke up with him, that kind of stuff. When it’s a good friend, you might indicate your solidarity, but you can’t really Like it.

Now, click on the Like button on the bottom of this page for the record.