Donald Sterling’s Stable

Donald Sterling made racist remarks to his girlfriend in his own home. Critics of the media suggest that he has a right to privacy. He does. We all do.

But he should know that in today’s world, there is no privacy. Our phone calls are monitored and recorded by NSA goobers in cubicles in Virginia. We are constantly being photographed and video recorded. Recall the plethora of pictures showing the Boston Marathon bombers. The people we think are our friends may not really be our friends. Ask Mayor Ford of Toronto about that. And then, of course, there is the privacy bomb of all time: Remember Mitt Romney’s speech in Florida about the 47 percent? That one might have killed a presidential candidacy and changed history.

But it does not really matter. I have now heard what Donald Sterling thinks and how he feels about his team. I cannot “unhear” that.

He thinks of his team of basketball players no different from what a Polo rider thinks of his horses. They are animals that are making him money. He said himself that he pays them, so he feeds them, buys them clothes, cars, houses. Just like the Polo player has to stable and transport his horses, feed them, groom them, vaccinate them, and exercise and train them.

To Donald Sterling, those who have less money than he are simply accessories. That’s how the man thinks.

If I were a stallion in his stable, white or black, I would get out fast.