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On Feb 26, we went whale watching.

We saw hundreds of dolphins and one very special, very rare fin whale. Fin whales are¬† the second largest animals ever to live on planet earth. They are extremely fast, and this one was cruising away from us at record speed. But the boat caught up with it. Fin whales don’t usually breach, like humpbacks¬†in Hawaii sometimes do (if you are lucky), but it was still awe-inspiring to see such a majestic animal that close by.

Their dorsal fins are far back on the body, just before the fluke.


Picture by deviantart.com

So in this picture that Trisha took, the whale is diving down already, just before disappearing.

Fin Whale 1

Here is another shot. He just blew, and the head has just gone down again.

Whale 3

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