Dumbing Down of America – and Germany

Just ten days ago, Jeff Wittenbrink, the 59-year-old lawyer for the Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was putting a legal case together to allow the church to defy the stay at home order. He went to church. Now he is dead.

Here is the full article by the Wisconsin Gazette.

I guess he won’t be putting together any more legal briefs.

One of my brothers in Germany lives in the small town of Regensburg. He apparently thinks that the stay at home orders there are denying him his rights for freedom. So he is joining a protest tomorrow on Regensburg’s Old Stone Bridge, standing shoulder to shoulder with fellow protestors. Here is the sign he posted on Facebook today, which he will hold tomorrow:


Quiet Protest

Sunday for freedom.

Against restrictions.

Back to normalcy!!!

Intelligence instead of abuse of power!


– Duty [unchecked]
– Order [unchecked]
– Recommendation [checked]





Churches in Louisiana, citizens in Germany, shopkeepers in Michigan, all accuse their governments of overreach.

I wonder what they think? Do they really believe the governments all over the world just like shutting down the local economies? Do they think they do it for power?

I do not understand that logic. I do know that Jeff Wittenbrink is dead.

I hope my brother doesn’t get too close to his buddy protestors. I’d like to see him around some more.

I am still alive, and I am going to keep it that way.

3 thoughts on “Dumbing Down of America – and Germany

  1. barbara carlson

    Give up trying to understand the logic of these numb nuts. It is Trumpian thinking which has infected them. It is a death wish.

    1. If the virus is a problem, there’ll be some natural selection results eventually, but other people are dragged into the net, unfortunately, and the thing gets dragged out. Funny how every plumber and shopkeeper is now an infectious disease expert.

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