Conservative Logic

  • Fewer gun laws make the country safer
  • Lower taxes for the rich causes more job creation
  • Building walls solves our immigration problem (like prohibition solved our alcoholism problem)
  • Less access to healthcare makes us healthier
  • Removing access to contraception causes less sex, therefore less pregnancies and less abortions
  • Pro-life to save lives of the unborn and anti-life by starting wars and getting our young adults killed
  • Upholding religious freedom for one arbitrary group (Christians) by suppressing religious freedom of other groups (Muslims)
  • Not allowing gays to marry protects family values
  • Giving energy companies free reign and rights to drill, dig and strip protects our environment – or rather – our environment does not need protection, the market does this automatically
  • Closing abortion clinics results in less unwanted pregnancies and therefore less abortions
  • Renewable energy is too expensive and does not work, so we’ll continue to use fossil fuels until they run out and – then what?
  • Being pro-life and pro-gun seems consistent to them



2 thoughts on “Conservative Logic

  1. In a nutshell. The list could go on and on, once you recognize their blinding illogic behind their “thinking”.
    I just can’t understand how that kind of brain works without making its owner insane.

    1. I wonder about that all the time. How can a highly successful person, degrees in M.D, law, etc, who made it to senator or governor in a state, say stuff like this and reconcile it internally? It just baffles me.

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