McCain’s Lowest Moment

John McCain called anti-war protestors “low-life scum” on CSPAN. “Shut up or I’ll have you arrested…”

The people in the room applauded.

Then he apologized to Henry Kissinger about the event. May I remind you that it was Henry Kissinger who said, in Alexander Haig’s presence, that military men are  “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy.


Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein
The Final Days
Second Touchstone paperback edition (1994)
Chapter 14, pp. 194-195

Who is more low-life scum?

  • Those that kill people by the thousands with agent orange, napalm (in Vietnam) or drones, guns and bombs (in Iraq) in the name of the American people?
  • Or those that point out that such atrocities occurred and still occur?

You decide.

2 thoughts on “McCain’s Lowest Moment

  1. I am not a supporter of the protesters or Henry Kissinger as I don’t know enough about him or what they were protesting about, however if this took place in America, where freedom of speech is supposedly such a valued right, then shame on John McCain for what he said to the protestors.

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