Book Review: Inside Steve’s Brain – by Leander Kahney

This book is about Apple Computer and Steve Jobs.

There are a few companies that are completely shaped by one key individual. Examples are Microsoft/Gates, Dell/Dell, Disney/Disney, IBM/Watson, Trump/Trump and of course Apple/Jobs.

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins compares companies led by a “Level 5” leader with companies led by a “Genius with a Thousand Helpers.”

Apple is a company led by a genius: Jobs. He created the company over 30 years ago single handedly. Without Jobs, there would be no Apple. Then the company grew, a few other CEOs came and went, Jobs was pushed out, and the company declined until it was only a shadow of its former self. In 1997, Jobs came back and turned it around.

He told  the management team that what was wrong with the company was that its products “sucked.” He got rid of the management team and started over.

In this book you can find out about the rise, fall and rise of Apple, and how it relates to specific personality traits of Jobs. You get a unique glimpse behind the scenes at Apple, and a look at what drives the company and its decisions.

If you are in business, you will learn about a lot of things not to do, or not allow to happen, and of course, you learn what it takes to build a great company based on a great set of products.

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