Cost of War: $12 Billion a Month – Take Three

There are 300 million Americans, counting every man, woman and child, and not counting illegal aliens. That means that every man, woman and child in America is contributing $40 a month to finance this war, month after month.

The English (and French, and Spanish, and German) kings in the middle ages taxed their citizens for everything they could think of, so they could (1) live lavishly, and (2) finance their endless and quite pointless wars against their neighbors. The citizenry and the serfs did not have any say. They were told it was God’s will, and it was for their own good, that their overlords were taking care of them.


I can think of many more rewarding things to do with my $40 this month than hand it to my overlord. Fortunately, in this country at least, we are allowed to speak out against our overlords. Not all 6 billion people are so lucky.

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